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They Call Us Bruce

Nov 3, 2023

Recorded in partnership with the Hawaii International Film Festival. In Episode 216, Jeff and Phil welcome actor/filmmaker Daniel Wu and HIFF artistic director Anderson Le -- fellow Bruce Lee superfans -- to discuss the fascinating documentary Enter the Clones of Bruce, which explores "Brucesploitation," the unique (and often bizarre) 1970s martial arts film subgenre that exploded in the wake of Bruce Lee's untimely death. They talk about Brucesploitation as a classic supply and demand scenario (powered by "all-look-same" racism), their favorite Bruce lookalikes -- Li, Le, Liang, et al -- and the wildest phases of the Bruce Multiverse. Also: The Good, The Bad, and The WTF of the Clones of Bruce. This episode is sponsored by the Westside Theatre's Little Shop of Horrors, starring Constance Wu and Corbin Bleu. Use the discount code LSOPOD10 for $10 off tickets.