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They Call Us Bruce

May 22, 2019

Jeff and Phil talk authenticity and appropriation with journalist Angela Hui, the only East Asian person in attendance at a recent preview event for Gordon Ramsay's "vibrant Asian eating house" Lucky Cat. Her take: "It was an actual kitchen nightmare."

Apr 12, 2019

Jeff and Phil offer their impressions, praises and critiques of Cinemax's WARRIOR, the new western/eastern action drama inspired by the writings of Bruce Lee. (Spoiler alert: they really like it.)

Mar 22, 2019

Recorded live at SXSW! In partnership with DoorDash, Jeff and Phil welcome MasterChef Season 9 contestants Ashley Mincey and Farhan Momin to chat about cooking, family, culture, authenticity and "ethnic food."

Mar 21, 2019

Recorded live at SXSW! In partnership with the Austin Asian American Film Festival, Jeff and Phil host an Asian American trivia quiz show, with special guests Simu Liu, Paul Sun-Hyung Lee, Jonny Sun, Nancy Wang Yuen, Chloe Dao and PJ Raval.

Mar 8, 2019

Jeff and Phil welcome Canadian actors Paul Sun-Hyung Lee (Kim's Convenience) and Samantha Wan (Second Jen). They discuss the unique flavor and challenges of telling stories north of the border, and The Good, The Bad and The WTF of being Asian Canadian.